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Shading analysis

Finding the right location for the PV array is essential for a good working PV system. With the Sun path finder I can determine shading and Solar gain in a few minutes at any given location for the whole year.
Examples of 2 shading analysis locations:.

The top image shows a good location with very little shading, while the bottom location shows a location that would not be suited for a PV array, unless the customer would remove some of the shading trees.

Preparation is key.

The Sun Path finder has to be placed level, oriented towards Solar South and shows us then exactly where some shading occurs at what time of the day and in what month.

Don’t mind me in the middle of the picture, instead have a look at the tree line around me.

This is not just for PV, but can also be used to find the perfect location for a beehive or other Sun dependent projects.


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